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June 29, 2022 - Good Music

As the years passed I found that, while not easy, I could control my thoughts if I made a place for them to go. You can replace thoughts of temptation, anger, disappointment, or fear with better thoughts—with music.

Elder Boyd K. Packer, "The Spirit of Revelation", General Conference, October 1999

I've been thinking a lot about music lately and the impact it has on me, specifically my motivation (or lack thereof). I really think I had something to do with music in the pre-existence. When I listen to really good music, I feel inspired. I even get goosebumps at times. I have a playlist on my Spotify account called "Goosepimples" filled with music that literally gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. Curiously, though, all the music in that playlist is instrumental, primarily orchestras and big bands, with the exception of Nessun Dorma by Pavarotti. I wonder if there's a correlation there??

My favorite thing to is just sit down, put on my over-the-ear headphones, play my good music, close my eyes, and listen. Most of the time, I dream of greatness. I feel the need to be better. I feel inspired. It's absolutely amazing to me the emotion that these songs can elicit. Most of my good music songs are soundtrack songs from various movies. I love hearing an orchestra start slow and even quiet, then slowly build getting louder and more animated, then reach the peak with a loud climax. I love the various combinations of violin, horns, percussion, bass, etc., all playing their own parts, and sometimes very animated and fast. Some of my favorites, if you care to listen, are (and I have to be honest, to get the full effect, I love listening to these songs with the volume up...makes my wife concerned 😳):

"Tryouts" from the Rudy soundtrack -

"Final Ascent" from the James Bond: No Time To Die soundtrack -

"Freedom" from the Braveheart soundtrack -

"Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho" from the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End soundtrack -

"Training" from the Robin Hood, Price of Thieves soundtrack -

"Mickey" from the Rocky III soundtrack (love the french horn) -

"Nessun Dorma" Pavarotti from Turandot opera -

Anyway, my point is that music can affect your state of being. Music elicits thoughts. Thoughts produce emotions. Emotions produce actions. Remember that.

If anyone reading this has a good, inspiring song or two to share with me, please do. I know there are plenty out there that I don't know about or have forgotten about.

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