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June 29, 2021 - Live With Integrity

To be complete and strong, integrity must embrace the whole man [and woman], and extend to all the details of his [her] life; and it must be so through and permanent as to withstand all temptations to swerve into compromise. To fail in one point is to fail in all, and to admit, under stress, a compromise with falsehood, howsoever necessary and insignificant it may appear, is to throw down the shield of integrity, and to stand exposed to the onslaughts of evil.

James Allen, "8 Pillars of Prosperity"

Integrity is something that isn't seen in people a whole lot of anymore, unfortunately. People just don't have it, they haven't learned it. I am so fortunate to have grown up in a home where I learned integrity. I learned the importance of values from my parents. I was surrounded by good, honest people.

And I am so blessed to have a wife and children and a son-in-law who have integrity and values. And I know they'll pass those values and integrity down to their children.

But that's how integrity is is passed down from the parents (or guardians). Too many, way too many, people, especially children, are standing exposed to evil influences. Those values, particularly Christlike values, are few and far between or nonexistent altogether.

Integrity is traded or sold for fame, success, and money, even power. But fame, success, money, and power are fleeting. One day you have it, the next it's gone. I wonder why that is? Whereas, integrity is always there unless you give it away. Goodness is always there, and there are still many people who have it.

We need to surround ourselves with that goodness, especially now and going forward. We need to exemplify that goodness to others around us. We need to live Christlike values and integrity.

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