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June 28, 2021 - Two halves of the same circle

The natural world is the mental world made visible. The seen is the mirror of the unseen. The upper half of a circle is in no way different from the lower half, but its sphericity is reversed. The material and the mental are not two detached arcs in the universe, they are the two halves of a complete circle. The natural and the spiritual are not at eternal enmity, but in the true order of the universe are eternally at one. It is in the unnatural - in the abuse of function and faculty - where division arises, and where main is wrested back, with repeated sufferings, from the perfect circle from which he has tried to depart. Every process in matter is also a process in mind. Every natural law has its spiritual counterpart."

James Allen, "8 Pillars of Prosperity"

We know that all things were created spiritually before the Lord created them physically on this earth (see Moses 3:5).

Existence of all things, then, is two sides of the same circle....what is seen and what isn't seen.

Likewise, our own existence is not any different. What is seen is only one half of the circle. The other half is what isn't seen. half affects the other half whether we intend it that way or not. What we do that can be seen affects what we do that cannot be seen. And vice versa... what we do that cannot be seen affects what we do that can be seen.

In other words, what we think about (that cannot be seen) affects how we act (that can be seen). It's the eternal law of cause and effect. It cannot be changed or minimized in any way. It just simply is. We cannot plant carrots then harvest potatoes.

We cannot think bad, degrading thoughts and reap good, worthy behavior.

It just cannot be.

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