June 28, 2020 - Get up!

When you’re sitting there wondering if you can stand back up again, remember that sometimes the test is not about overcoming but about whether we will keep trying no matter how hard things seem to be. Never give up. Do all things cheerfully that lie in your power, and then stand still with the assurance that God will help you.

T. Jeffrey Wilkes, "Optimism and Joy in the Gospel of Jesus Christ", BYU Speeches, September 25, 2012

Seems like many of these thoughts are centered around getting up each time we fall. And I've always likened that event to a race.

When we run the race of life, we will fall....at least I do....many times. Falling is hard on me. I end up bruising. I am very sore. Getting back up is that much harder.

But....as I think to myself each time I fall, whether or not I should just rest on the ground, I tell myself that it is not about not falling any more. I will fall again. It's about whether or not I will get up again.

Knowing that I will again fall doesn't make my decision to get up each time any easier. But....knowing that as I try, Christ will be by my side helping me, lifting me, even carrying me at times. All I need to do is show Him that I want to get up, and then give it all I have to do it. Again and again.

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