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June 27, 2021 - High Ground

Perhaps it is a lesson for facing our own dark days. When the multitude surrounds, when the battle rages, when we feel the urge to control the situation we are in with our own strength, our own plans, our own logic, in moments of greatest controversy, sometimes the answer from the Spirit is clear. Stand still.

Emily Belle Freeman, "The Unexpected Deliverer", Deseret Book 2021

Standing still?... not easily done when everything around you seems to be exploding, and even imploding. Many times our instinct is to seek shelter or hide, or even know fight or flight. That is not just an instinct for imminent physical harm either, but also emotional, mental or spiritual harm too.

How important is it to stand in holy places then? Why are we told that we need to do that in the first place?

Standing in holy places gives us the spiritual high ground. It gives us a tremendous advantage to not only see all around but to also see what's coming so we are more prepared.

And when we are more prepared, we will not fear. And when we don't fear, we are not nervous or anxious. And when we aren't nervous, we can be still!

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