June 27, 2020 - Perilous waves

Unchangeable One : The prophets have taught that in order for us to have faith in God and trust in His judgments, He must be consistent. He is. His course is one eternal round. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is unchanging and unchangeable.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "Witness For His Names", Deseret Book, 2019

Christ is consistent. Christ does not change. He cannot. He will not. Therefore, it stands to reason that all I need to do to be healed, physically and spiritually, is to touch the hem of His garment....so to speak.

The only reason I am not healed from my challenges, both physical and spiritual, is, well there's two reasons. One, my faith is not sufficient yet. Or two, it's not time to be healed yet. I haven't learned what I need to learn yet.

So, part of having sufficient faith, is having faith in that it might not be time yet.

I picture myself walking toward Christ on the water, on the sea. All around me are the howling winds of life. The destructive waves of challenges and chaos. The cold weather of mortality. After a brief output of ambition, I get distracted with everything going on around me. Then, I begin to sink.

I need to learn. I may have good intentions. I may have the desire. But the natural man in me needs to learn to focus. I need to focus on Christ. Despite getting hammered by the waves, getting pushed around by the wind, freezing and shivering at times... I need to learn to look towards Christ. Focus on Him.

That is lifelong quest!

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