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June 25, 2020 - Failed...again

No one is more on our side than the Savior. He allows us to take and keep retaking His exams. To become like Him will require countless second chances in our day-to-day struggles with the natural man, such as controlling appetites, learning patience and forgiveness, overcoming slothfulness, and avoiding sins of omission, just to name a few. If to err is human nature, how many failures will it take us until our nature is no longer human but divine? Thousands? More likely a million.

Elder Lynn G. Robbins, "Until Seventy Times Seven", General Conference, April 2018

When I read this, I thought at first how many chances He has given me. And how many He is still giving me. Oh how grateful I am for those chances. And how I will need millions, maybe tens of millions, of chances until I'm perfect. Good news is that Christ will give me that chance after chance, millions of times, as long as I keep trying.

But after I thought of the many chances He gives me, my mind went to the many chances we need to give to others as they are also human, mortal, and make mistakes. As we strive become like Christ, we need to give others chance after chance, even millions of times if need be, until they, too, stop falling and making mistakes. Christ does it for us, we need to do it for others.

Lastly, my mind went to giving myself chance after chance, as He will, and not to be so hard on myself. Because He, Christ, will never criticize, He will never think less of me, He will never roll His eyes, He will only encourage, lift, support, and carry my load.....tens of millions of times. Christ does it for me, I need to do it for myself.

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