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June 21, 2020 - Just like dad

Brethren and sisters, let us put ourselves in the position always where we will do those things that we’d be glad to have our father and mother know we were doing. Never go around trying to hide the things that you’re doing, being dishonest, being unreliable, being the kind of people that the Lord wouldn’t choose and you wouldn’t choose yourself for your associates. Be the kind of person that the Lord can look down on with thanksgiving and blessings. You know what the Lord said about hypocrites.

Elder N. Eldon Tanner, "Something to Think About", BYU Speeches, June 1, 1975

On this Father's Day, I reflect often about my upbringing. I had my issues. I did things as a teenager that taught me the not-so-easy way how to be better. I let my emotions and hormones take control for a few years.

But I was and am blessed. I didn't appreciate it back then. We hardly ever do as a teenager. I remember getting annoyed because my dad would go out of his way to talk and be friendly with others. He treated them as if they were the most important person in the world. He still does that. A trip to Walmart normally would take about 30 minutes but would end up being closer to 2 hours. As a teenager, well you can imagine, how that just interrupted my me-time.

But now as an adult....I now try to be like my dad. I try to treat others as he does. Years ago, when we lived up north, I would go with my dad as he would take an older gentleman out shopping, Mr. Nielsen, on a weekly basis, because Mr. Nielsen didn't have anyone else. My dad has done that for many a person.

Dad has always, and still always, cares for others. He makes them feel important. They say I received many of my dad's genes and qualities. I just wish I had more of this one especially. I try. I consciously try.

Another quality I got from him was my positivity. No matter what in life is challenging me. No matter how not-so-good the day was, he taught me the power of a good attitude. I always have control over how I react to something. A whiny, complaining, cup is half empty outlook in life helps nobody, especially myself. And....someone else may need my positive, smiling face to boost their day, I never know.

If I turn out to be just like him, I would be blessed and proud.

Oh, and his corniness is another trait I inherited. 🤗

My Heavenly Father is someone I most importantly try to be like. With examples like His Son, my Brother, as well as my earthly dad and mom, among some others that I learn from, I am closer to being like Him....perfect.

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