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June 20, 2021 - Be In The Right Spiritual Minds

Sometimes the answer is no answer. Sometimes He is working in the waiting. Silent doesn’t mean absent. He is there.

Emily Belle Freeman, "The Unexpected Deliverer", Deseret Book 2021

Many times, when I pray I hear nothing. Why is that?

That could mean two things, in my mind:

One, is I am not in the right spiritual mindset to hear Him. He may very well be talking to me, but I am not paying attention enough or I have done something to block His communication. Nonetheless, I am the one who doesn't hear Him in most cases. Not that He is not speaking or answering me. He is not ignoring me. He doesn't do that.

Two, like this quote says, He is actually working on my behalf, but not necessarily telling me step by step what to do. He is not flat out ignoring me. He will not ignore me, He is waiting on me, pleading that I will make the correct step or even get my act together enough for Him to speak to me.

Regardless, it is me that needs to hear Him or make the correct step forward to hear Him.

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