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June 20, 2020 - Got data?

Remember, the present is the time when we have freedom and actuality. Use that freedom to create a fulfilling life now instead of basing your happiness on something that has not happened yet.
As we avoid being prisoners of the past and future, it is also important to avoid being prisoners to present distractions. Smartphones, while being wonderful tools, are common conveyors of distractions. There is a plethora of other distractions that keep us from being truly present.
Work when it is time to work and play when it is time to play.

Brother Jared T. Blanchard, "The Importance of Being Present", BYU Speeches, April 28, 2018

Although Jared is not a general authority, He gives some good insight. Sometimes we are, every single one of us, are distracted from the important things in life. TV gets in the way of learning the gospel. Social media gets in the way of strengthening relationships. Career gets in the way of teaching and being there for your family, especially children.

Being present means to focus on what is happening. If we're eating dinner together as a family, don't worry about what is happening at work, or the cat who befriended a goat and they're so cute together.

Being present means lifting and strengthening others that are struggling or barely limping along, all while forgetting ourselves.

Most importantly, being present means focus on the now. How is our relationship with God and His Christ? What is the best thing we should be doing, not just the good thing (good, better, best).

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