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June 19, 2021 - Suffering?

In some ways suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment if finds a meaning, such as the meaning of a sacrifice.

Viktor Frankl, "Man's Search For Meaning"

When I think that my challenges and my trials are too much to bear, I think of others who suffered way more intense and indescribable trials, and I quickly come to my senses that I have it easy. Then I count my blessings and realize that I have it far more easy than I thought, I am so so blessed.

I love my life. I love my wife. She is absolutely everything to me. I love my children Kenzie, Zech, Kyle, Elle, and now my granddaughter Dellie. I have awesome and close friends. I am grateful to still be able to work and provide. Everyone's healthy. I cannot complain. I have everything I need.

My point here is that I think we suffer (to any extent) because Heavenly Father wants us to find a meaning behind that suffering. Not that He makes us suffer but He allows it because He knows what we need. He knows how we learn best. And when we find that meaning, our suffering ceases to be suffering and starts to become a blessing.

It is very much all in our heads, as they say. It is a mentality. It is a perspective. I'm not saying it's not tough or painful, or sorrowful. What I am saying is that our suffering becomes a teacher and no longer a torturer. The difference is hope.

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