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June 19, 2020 - Relationships

With ever-increasing secular forces pulling at us, we need the strength that comes from loving relationships. So as we plan activities, meetings, and other gatherings, let us remember an overarching purpose of these gatherings is to build loving relationships that unite us and help get the gospel of Jesus Christ deeper in our hearts.

Elder Douglas D. Holmes, "Deep in Our Heart", General Conference, April 2020

Especially during these interesting times, we need to remember why it is that we gather. We are a people that needs to gather. We need to be together. We need that commaradarie.

But more importantly, we need to gather to strengthen each other. We need to teach each other. And worship together.

Our stake president, and I'm assuming all over the church, we will start to gather as saints for sacrament, beginning next month. Not every week or altogether yet.

Point is, we need relationships. We need others. We can't do this alone.

It is vital that we strengthen our highest priority relationships. The very highest relationship should be with our Savior.

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