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June 17, 2020 - Don't wait

The story is told that Satan called a council of his agents and asked how they would combat the forces of righteousness. One said, “I’ll go and tell them it isn’t true.” Satan said, “No, that wouldn’t do.” The second said, “I’ll tell them it’s only half true.” “No,” Satan said, “that’s not enough.” The third said, “I’ll go and tell them it’s all true, but there is no need to hurry.” “Go,” Satan said. “That will get them every time.” Lucifer cannot win. We must do the Lord’s work.

Elder Eldred G. Smith, "Do Not Procrastinate!", General Conference, October 1974

Though Elder Smith was focusing on temple work which is definitely vital for us to do. However, it's been said that our own salvation is the most important area to focus on. I am not, by any means, belittling the work we need to do for our ancestors. That is of the utmost importance.

But our focus needs to be solidifying our own salvation first and then we can help others.

When I read this talk, I pictured in my mind how that meeting went for those spirits that were exiled. Their strategy is very crucial to understand so that we can, one, recognize it, then, two, combat it so it fails.

In my own life, I can for sure see that negative influence all around me. Even in seemingly innocent, yet destructive, ways. I never even fathomed that Satan would whisper to me that the gospel is true. Yet....also whisper in that same breathe that I don't need to do anything about it right now. I have time. It can wait. Satan knows it is true but he doesn't want us to follow it. Most importantly, he doesn't want us to be converted like he is not converted to it.

First of all, can Satan have breaths if he's not mortal? 😊 Secondly, Heavenly Father, Christ and the Holy Ghost would never want us to wait until a commercial break, or until tomorrow. Their teaching and their guidance has always been to do it immediately. Then we are "immediately" blessed. They don't wait until their celestial "show" is over. Although, I'm sure there is entertainment on some level with the way I live and have lived some moments. Haha!

Every moment, every action, every thought should be in preparation for the Lord to come again. My blessing says that I am not here to "while away the hours of this life but to prepare" myself. And that doesn't mean 30 minutes a day studying the gospel. That preparation is constant, without ceasing and relaxing.

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