June 15, 2021 - Good and Bad

They assert that one is either rebellious or repentant, a wise or a foolish virgin, wheat or tare. And Joseph Smith's revelations explicitly and emphatically declare that each of us has the agency to determine which category we will be in.

Steven C. Harper, "Making Sense of the Doctrine and Covenants", Deseret Book 2021

In life there is good and there is bad. There is the Lord's side and the other side. If we are not trying to be on the Lord's side, even though we stumble, then we are on the other side.

Every decision we make there are two choices. Our agency allows for that. We are tempted from the one side, which makes that side very appealing, but the other side has blessings we can't even imagine.

So, we must decide.....satisfaction now or happiness eternally.

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