June 14, 2020 - Exaltation

Salvation does not come all at once; we are commanded to be perfect even as our Father in heaven is perfect. It will take us ages to accomplish this end, for there will be greater progress beyond the grave, and it will be there that the faithful will overcome all things, and receive all things, even the fulness of the Father’s glory.

President Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 2:18

I used to think that once the final judgment takes place, and we are assigned our individual glories, that increases are done. We're either perfect at that point or we're not. Time is up. Final implies "put your pencils down", it's over.

But then I think that we're all at different points along the path. Some are farther ahead than others. Some may just be starting or coming back to the right path. And some are still searching for it.

Our Heavenly Father is just. He is fair. So why would that stop?

Some of you may know this already (again, we are all at different spots on the path), but as we are assigned our glories in the Plan of Salvation, we can go down a glory but never go up one. So, if we're in the Celestial, the highest glory, we can visit the lower two. That assignment to a glory is "final". However, there is still an increase within the glory.

We know that there are 3 levels within the highest glory, with exaltation being the highest of the highest. And....since perfection is an individual thing....or is it? We know that we need to be eternally married to be exalted. So, in my case, as Lori will most likely reach perfection long before I do, does she have to wait for me to catch up so we can be exalted together? Does exaltation mean perfection? It means eternal life, God's life. He is perfect. Can we assume that we will be perfect as well?

Or, is exaltation another gate we enter to then become Gods, like Heavenly Father, after some further work and training on our end?

At some point perfection is reached. What I know is that as we are exalted, we "can" become Gods. What I am unsure of, thinking out loud, is whether we are perfect upon being exalted or, at that point, we can then become perfect.

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