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June 13, 2020 - Lay hold

In addition to fear, doubt, and sin, I would like to add one additional reason why we don’t lay hold upon the word more often: we are distracted. I believe that one of the most significant obstacles to our laying hold upon the word is our inability to fully immerse ourselves in the word or other worthwhile things—our inability to fully focus on them.
You see, when we are distracted, we lose power and willpower. When we focus wholeheartedly, we move in the right direction—and, I believe, in a more inspired direction. It is in the depth of things that you are inspired to lay hold upon the word in ways that can change you and change your life.

McKay Christensen, "Lay Hold upon the Word: The Power of Wholehearted Living", BYU Speeches, May 9, 2017

Brother Christensen also says that "laying hold" on the word means "you take it to heart, follow it, taste it, acquire it, make it your own, identify with it, fully give yourself to it, follow it with real intent, and let it change you."

We only receive a fraction of the blessings that Heavenly Father has for us. Laying hold on His word more in our lives allows more blessings to open up into our lives.

So, how do we lay hold on His word? How can I lay hold?

Laying hold doesn't mean I carry the scriptures around everywhere I go (which isn't far nowadays). Laying hold doesn't just mean I read sciptures, pray, pay tithing, go to church, etc. Laying hold doesn't mean I try to make myself more righteous than I really am, quoting scripture in every opportunity, deceiving those around me.

Laying hold is showing Heavenly Father that I am internalizing His word. I am tasting it, feasting on it. I am making it my own. I am following it. I am constantly comparing what I do against the life of His Son. I cannot deceive Him. I cannot be fake or superficial.

Laying hold solidifies Him and His Son in my heart. Laying hold allows me to "always remember Him" in my heart. A new heart.

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