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June 11, 2021 - True Greatness

Each of us has seen individuals become wealthy or successful almost instantaneously, almost overnight. But I believe that even though this kind of success may come to some without prolonged struggle, there is no such thing as instant greatness. This is because the achievement of true greatness is a long-term process. It may involve occasional setbacks. The end result may not always be clearly visible, but it seems that it always requires regular, consistent, small, and sometimes ordinary and mundane steps over a long period of time.

President Howard W. Hunter, "What Is True Greatness", BYU Speeches, February 10, 1987

As a society, we seem to put value on those that are in the limelight. For whatever reason, we esteem those that are most often in the news, on social media, on television, etc., as "great" or as heroes.

Makes me wonder what the definition of greatness really is, or how the rest of the world defines it. Just because you can put a ball through a round hoop, or because you can play a hero on the big screen, absolutely does not make you great. It does not make you a hero. In my mind anyway. But that is how athletes or movie stars are seen. Why?

True greatness is based on one's character. Helping another when nobody is watching is true greatness. Improving one's own self because of the promise of eternal life, not because of a promise of fame or material wealth, is true greatness. Loving everyone despite differences in beliefs or culture, is true greatness.

Being like Christ is true greatness!

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