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June 11, 2020 - Winning the race

At a time when radicals of the right or left would inflame race against race, avoid those who preach evil doctrines of racism. When our Father declared that we, His children, were brothers and sisters, He did not limit this relationship on the basis of race. Strive to develop that true love of country that realizes that real patriotism must include within it a regard for the people, for the inhabitants of the rest of the globe. Patriots have never demanded of good men the hatred of another country as proof of one’s love for his own. Acquire tolerance and compassion for others and for those of a different political persuasion or race or religion. This is something demanded by the heavenly parentage that we all have in common.

President Hugh B. Brown, "God Is the Gardener", BYU Speeches, May 31, 1968

As I read this talk by President Brown, I realized that the challenges, struggles, worries, pain points, etc., that we deal with every day are not unique. Satan has been thrusting his influence on the mortal race since day 1. As technology advances, his ways of exerting that influence get more sophisticated, the means can change but his mission does not change.

We are, every single person on this earth, children of our Heavenly Father. In us, then, are inherent abilities, genes if you will, to act, think, behave, just like Him. We have that potential. It is a part of who we are.

It seems counter intuitive that, in order for someone to win the race, that same someone needs someone else pulling and pushing. How can one win a race if someone else is ahead pulling?

Society tells us that the race is against everyone else. That we need to focus on ourselves. Focus on getting ahead. Focus on gaining more than the next person. This mentality turns in to what we are seeing today in the world. This mentality is what was happening in the world 50+ years ago too. As long as we focus on beating the next guy (or girl) across the finish line, this mentality will endure.

In contrast, the gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that the race is not against the next person, but rather against Satan's ideologies, his philosophies, his doctrines, his theories, his opinions, his temptations, etc. In order for us to win against these, we need the help of others, pushing us and pulling us to greater heights.

Satan and his minions are constantly trying to step on us, stomp on us, push us further down, especially when we trip and fall. But Heavenly Father is extending His hand to pull us up to His level, if we grab it. All we have to do is reach for it.

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