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June 1, 2021 - That'll Do Donkey

This king came humbly, riding a donkey, bringing hope, healing, and heaven. It was unsought deliverance for many. Lackluster. Unless you were the man blind since birth. Or the woman sick for twelve years. Or the daughter of Jairus. Those were the people who understood the power of deliverance this man brought. They witnessed it firsthand, how He didn’t always deliver in the way people might expect.

David Butler, "The Unexpected Deliverer", Deseret Book 2021

Nothing, not a single thing or behavior, about the Savior screams money or entitlement or selfishness. Nothing.

He wasn't flashy. He didn't seek approval or notoriety or fame. In fact, He often told those whom He served to not say anything to anyone else.

I often ponder what He would be like, or what He would spend His time doing if He were on the earth today as a mortal, in our country. How would He dress? Where would He spend His time? Who would He serve? Would He carry a smartphone? Would He have a vehicle?

Our responsibility then is to act and behave and think as He would, if He were here living on earth. Our first step towards fulfilling that responsibility is to learn about Him, learn of Him. Who was He? Who is He? Not just from a philosophical level, but a more deeply personal level. Who is He to me?

Then, as we learn, we need to put that into action. The more we learn about Him, the more we want to act like Him, and act as He would. And the more we act like Him, the better we understand Him. The better we understand Him, the closer we are to being like Him.

Is not that why we're here on this earth?

But....and this is very important....we do not need to only ride a donkey everywhere! A vehicle is fine, or a bicycle. 😁

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