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July 8, 2021 - We made it once

The blessings we enjoy now are because we made the choice to follow the Savior before this life. To everyone hearing or reading these words, whoever you are and whatever your past may be, remember this: it is not too late to make that same choice again and follow Him.

Elder Robert D. Hales, "Preserving Agency, Protecting Religious Freedom", General Conference, April 2015

I'm sure there were struggles in the pre-existence, before we were born. I have no idea what they were, obviously different than our mortal struggles, but I don't see that existence as being carefree and worry free, without some type of opposition. Afterall, 1/3 of Heavenly Father's children followed the adversary and didn't get the opportunity to be born on earth.

So there was some type of enticement to one side or the other. And the fact that we were all born here on earth means we chose the right side, however difficult that choice was, we chose the right.

We can do the exact same thing now. However difficult this path to eternal life is, we have to try to make the right choices now to make it successfully through this, our second estate, and live eternally with God, our Brother, and our families.

We will make wrong choices, that's part of the learning process, but we need to get up, recommit to the Lord, and try again. The nice thing about that, is there is no limit on chances we have. We will always have another chance, but forward is how we need to travel.

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