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July 8, 2020 - Look and see

Who is there, under the circumstances that exist around us, that is not growing? Who is there of us that is not learning something day by day? Who is there of us that is not gaining experience as we pass along, and are attending to the duties of membership in the Church, and to the duties of citizens of our state, and citizens of our great and glorious nation?
It seems to me that it would be a very sad comment upon the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and her people to suppose for a moment that we are at a standstill, that we have ceased to grow, ceased to improve and to advance in the scale of intelligence, and in the faithful performance of duty in every condition in which we are placed as a people and as members of the Church of Christ.

President Joseph F. Smith, “Gospel Doctrine”, Chapter 19, pg 342

Every waking moment, I especially need to be searching for moments to grow, moments to learn, moments to strengthen my relationship with God, His Son, and my mortal relationships.

These moments need not be grand or awe inspiring, although those moments still need to searched for. Nah, these moments are every day, minute, moments that add up over time. Small and simple means. That's how the Lord works and that's how I must too.

Sometimes I get caught up in a moment where I want, nay need, a grandiose event to strengthen my spirituality, that I miss those small and simple moments that were intended to do the very thing I've been needing. I think my spirituality can't be strengthened without a journal recording event. But, I forget that small moments are doing the exact same thing, just not at once.

So, if I open my eyes to not just what's in front of me, but also what's in my peripheral, I can be growing, I can be learning, I can be moving forward. And I can do this every waking moment, if I am alert enough. Heavenly Father doesn't just pay attention when something grand and exciting happens, He pays attention every micro second and puts these learning moments in front of us all the time. We will see them if we pay attention to the small and simple things. He does!

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