July 7, 2020 - Stone rolling forth

The Mormon people teach the American religion.  Their principles teach the people not only of heaven and its attendant glories, but how to live so that their social and economic relations with each other are placed on a sound basis.  If the people follow the teachings of this church, nothing can stop their progress.  It will be limitless.  There have been great movements started in the past, but they have died or have been modified before they reached maturity.  If Mormonism is able to endure, unmodified, until it reaches the third and fourth generation, it is destined to become the greatest power the world has ever known.

Leo Tolstoy, 1850s, second hand quote

I immediately thought of the stone, cut without hands, rolling forth until it has filled the whole earth.

We see this today. We are in most parts of the earth, yet still comparatively small in numbers. Our missionaries go forth proclaiming the gospel.

This work is true. It is the greatest work we can do on this earth. The stone is rolling forth. Nothing can and will stop it. The Almighty, with His endless power, is the head of this great work. Therefore, it will not stop or even slow down. What side are we on? Are we a part of this work, or not? Or, even lukewarm? Are we running with this fast moving stone? Or running away from it so as not to crush us?

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