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July 5, 2020 - "I'm melting!"

[S]tillness in our personal lives helps to provide perspective, clarity, and breathing space as we step away from the whirlwind of distractions that surround us and pause along our journey to recalibrate, reorient, and refocus our attention on what matters. In moments of stillness, distractions and uncertainties fall away. In moments of stillness, our hearts are changed and transformed. In moments of stillness, through the whisperings of the still, small voice, we come to know both the Father and His Son.

Sister Pam Musil, "The Path to Transformative Change", BYU Speeches, August 6, 2019

Unfortunately, at the risk of sounding of self-pity, I do experience a number of symptoms with my circumstances and, therefore, deal with mental issues that are mostly a by-product of those symptoms (what are secondary symptoms), even though some of those symptoms affect the mind in and of themselves because of my disease (which are primary symptoms).

So, it is essential to calm my mind of those secondary symptoms so as not to fall into depression. It's a horrendous cycle. My abilities have diminished, which can cause depression and lack of confidence, and if that occurs, my motivation decreases, and, therefore, my abilities lessen because I'm not motivated to do anything. And it starts all over again.

So, stillness of mind, stillness of spirit, is a priority for me. And not just me. Everyone deals with their own trials and challenges, so everyone needs to calm the mind and spirit with all the stresses swirling around us.

Stillness reprioritizes our lives. It deepens relationships that matter. It cools the heat of circumstances that will otherwise melt and destroy our peace.

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