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July 30, 2020 - How close can you get?

You do not have to be commanded in all things. Without having to have the Church deliver a statement on it, you should know what the Lord’s position is on abortion or cloning or same-gender marriage or birth control. All of those things are built in as a part of what we know and what we are.
We are about the only ones left in the world who hold to these standards. When we look around, we cannot find any organization that is holding to the standards. We do not like to talk about the other churches, but we are going to stand alone. If so, there we will stand.

President Boyd K. Packer, "The Instrument of Your Mind and the Foundation of Your Character", BYU Speeches, February 2, 2003

Sometimes, we want, at least in my case, I want to get as close to the edge before I fall. So I this or that breaking the Word of Wisdom? Or, what if I only pay 9% right now in tithing and make it up later by paying 11%? Or, do I have to kneel to say my prayers?....can't I just lay here in bed and say them?

Point is, we always rationalize. How close can I get to the edge before I tumble over? I don't want to fall over, but how close before I do?

I said this story before, but I heard it on my mission. It's a story about a guy wanting to hire a stage coach driver. So he conducted his interviews. In the interview he asked a question. Question was..."if you are driving a stage coach and you happen upon a dangerous good of a driver can you be? How close to the edge can you bring the coach? "

"I can bring it with 5 feet", said one interviewer. "I can get it so close, maybe within 2 feet to where you feel like you're floating if you were to look down", said another.

Finally, someone surprised him. One gentleman said... "I will stay so far away from the edge that you won't even know it's there".

That man got the job.

As members of the Church, we are essentially the only ones who still hold onto the standards that the Lord expects. He gave us laws and commandments. We should be following the principle of those laws, and not the letter of them. We should implicitly understand why He gave them to us and not be concerned with what He didn't explicitly say not to do. We should be so far away from the edge that we can't see it.

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