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July 3, 2021 - Sweat of thy brow

We speak about excellence a great deal these days, and by definition, excellence does not come easily or quickly—an excellent education does not, a successful mission does not, a strong and loving marriage does not, rewarding personal relationships do not. It is simply a truism that nothing very valuable can come without significant sacrifice and effort and patience on our part. Many of the most hoped-for rewards in life can seem an awfully long time coming.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, “However Long and Hard the Road”

We live in a day of instant gratification. Whatever we desire, we can usually obtain immediately.

But that is not teaching us patience. That is not teaching us to put in the requisite work. That is, by lack of a better phrase, making us lazy.

Anything worth obtaining, and I mean anything of real worth, eternal worth, is only obtained by the "sweat of thy brow". And that just mean physically sweating through working hard, although that is part of also means mentally and spiritually working hard for anything worth having. We need to spiritually sweat for exaltation, for eternal life with God and our family.

It will not be granted just because we "Googled" our intent and desire, or because we paid the entry fee. It doesn't happen like that. Anything that God has is ours too....if we put in work and sweat.

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