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July 28, 2021 - Immerse Yourself

I know of nothing more important or effective in creating spiritual change, protecting ourselves with the armor of God, and winning our battles with Satan than filling our minds with the word of God.

Steven A. Cramer, “Armed With Righteousness”

Two things come to mind here.

For me, the way I see it, is I am ALWAYS needing spiritual change, hence repentance. Therefore, the only way to effect that change is by immersing myself in the scriptures, in the word of God. Notice that the term "Immersion" isn't dipping my toes in the water or sprinkling some water on my is full Immersion in the word of God, every part of me.

And, two, when unexpected things or negative things, or even bad things happen to us, to me, I tend to just pray for help, which isn't bad in and of itself, but I tend to get spiritually lazy. I am praying for strength, for comfort, for answers, and who's to say Heavenly Father isn't responding? I'm just not hearing Him.

The best way I know of to hear Him responding is through His word. So, immersing myself in His word will bring me the help, the comfort, the answers I need anytime, but especially when negative things happen to me.

Sometimes, I wait for some miraculous voice talking to me, or even my eyes being open to the other side of the veil, before I act accordingly. When, I should be studying, and reading, and pondering, and contemplating, even immersing myself in His word, then act accordingly. Faith always precedes the miracle. And miracles don't need to be grand and immense. They are, for the most part, small and simple things, like an answer to a prayer. That's miraculous to me.

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