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July 28, 2020 - Come and see

You might not have been invited to the birthday party last week, or to homecoming last year, but the Creator of the world invites you to the table, to the feast, to the Church, to His group of disciples, into His glory, and to His work.

David Butler, "Redeemer : Who He Is and Who He Will Always Be", Deseret Book 2019

The glorious thing about the gospel of Jesus Christ is that nobody, not a single person is ever rejected.

We may experience rejection at various points in our life. Experiences like that maybe we're not good enough to be included. Maybe we're not good looking enough, or skinny enough, or have enough money, or popular enough, or whatever the reason. Society sets thresholds that need to be met in order to achieve certain accomplishments.

With Christ, we are always good enough. We will always be accepted. We will always be welcomed with open arms. Not just accepted, but invited. We are being recruited to know the truth, to be a part of it. Christ and our Father in Heaven want us with them. They don't and won't ever force us. But They await beckoning to us, hoping that we will come and see.... and be.

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