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July 26, 2021 - Look and Live

My friends, we will make mistakes, but through those experiences and the gift of repentance, we can learn and become something divine. I pray that we keep our gaze elevated so that we can see our trials through the lens of their purpose, so that we can become more Christlike and gain the eternal win. As we do so, our hearts will be filled with peace rather than fear.

Melissa F. Western, "Vaulting to Greater Heights: Replacing Fear with Lasting Peace", BYU Speeches, July 14, 2021

After the Isrealites left Egypt, most of them were not doing what they need to. So God sent fiery flying serpents to straighten them out. And many, if not all, were bitten, and many died because of that. That began to straigthen the people out. They realized that they were doing bad things and not obeying Moses and the Lord.

So the Lord told Moses to make a fiery serpent and put it on a pole. Then the Lord made it so those that were bitten, if they looked at the pole, they were healed. All they had to do was simply look at it. But because it seemed so simple, many didn't look and they perished.

All we have to do is look towards Christ. Metaphorically, of course, but it does help when we actually move our heads and look up to heaven. That reminds us why and where we need to look in the first place to live, to have eternal life.

So let's put on the gospel lenses, look towards Christ and live. Let's not ignore this because it seems so simple or because it isn't popular.

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