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July 25, 2021 - If only we could see

No other single influence has had so great an impact on this earth as the life of Jesus the Christ. We cannot conceive of our lives without his teachings. Without him we would be lost in a mirage of beliefs and worships, born in fear and darkness where the sensual and materialistic hold sway. We are far short of the goal he set for us, but we must never lose sight of it; nor must we forget that our great climb toward the light, toward perfection, would not be possible except for his teachings, his life, his death, and his resurrection.

President Ezra Taft Benson, “God, Family, Country: Our Three Great Loyalties”, 1974

Sometimes I sit and think about who I am as a person. I mean who am I really? I often wonder how I am viewed by others. It's difficult to explain. I am the ONLY one in all existence, save Heavenly Father and Christ, who knows how I view everything around me, how I feel, how I think, etc. Likewise, I cannot truly understand how someone else feels, or how they see everything around them. I can imagine being in someone else's "existence", as if I were someone else entirely, and imagine what that would be like to, say, see me, see Britton Scott Pullin and how he would impact that someone else's life. But, that is only what it would imagination. I really don't know the existence of someone else and how that "feels".

Also, I think about my existence before coming to earth. What kind of a person was I? What did I do there? Did I "hang out" with friends? Did I study and read? I didn't need to eat or sleep, so what did I do with my existence (can't really say my "time" because time is a mortal concept).

Point is, I have ALWAYS existed. You have ALWAYS existed. Sometimes we think this existence now is all there is. It's difficult to think otherwise. But, this life is a mere blip in the grand plan. A veil of forgetfulness blankets our minds right now. Sometimes that veil is extremely thin and sometimes it seems so thick that there couldn't possibly be someone on the other end, or we just get so distracted in this life that we pay no attention.

Coming around to what I actually quoted here, is that we all have someone to emulate, someone as a guide to follow in navigating this mere blip of a journey. We are never left to wander alone or aimlessly. Sometimes we feel that way, at least I do. But Heavenly Father can be standing a mere foot from us and we wouldn't know it. My belief is that He is standing next to me, or Christ is, or a departed loved one or friend is....and I wouldn't know it. If only I could see beyond that veil. I would see there are more with me than there are against me.

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