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July 24, 2021 - To sink or not to sink

The problem with limiting our faith and trust to what we think God can or cannot do for us is that we do not fully comprehend the unlimited scope of his power and ability to affect our environment and circumstances. It is easy to trust him when our 'seen realities' are favorable. But the real trust comes before God has revealed his means of deliverance. What he wants to know and what we must decide is, will we trust him in the dark as well as in the light?

Steven A. Cramer, “Armed With Righteousness”

I used to think that God is not even close to where there is no light. I thought He couldn't abide it so therefore I would be on my own until I can get somewhere where there is light.

Truth is, God is anywhere and everywhere. He is surrounded by His own light and brilliance at all times allowing Him to be anywhere. That allows Him to rescue me in utter darkness.

Same with His Son, Jesus Christ. Christ is surrounded by glory and light. He can sink to the lowest depths of human weakness and depravity and lift me out, like a helpless traveler stuck in mud or quicksand. He understands my weakness, my sorrow, my pain, my heartache, my desires, because He's experienced them all Himself, but He's never given in to them.

He has all power, all ability to do for me what I can't do for myself, or even think about doing for myself, or frankly even want to do for myself. He can lift me into His light and glory amidst all the utter darkness around me. I just need to trust Him enough to allow Him to do that.

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