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July 23, 2021 - Create a Masterpiece

Sometimes people sit around waiting for happiness to happen to them. But your happiness is largely within your control. There may be rough patches, but even in hard times there are things you can still do that lead to happiness.

For the Strength of Youth, "7 Brushstrokes to a Happier Life", July 2021

I came across this talk so I read it because I was interested in what it meant by 7 brushstrokes. Firstly, Elder Bednar compared our lives to a painting, of course using many brushstrokes, and each brushstroke, by itself, is rather unimportant and insignificant, but put them all together and you've created a masterpiece, an original "you" painting.

So... that is how are lives are. Doing the "small and simple" things by themselves are rudimentary and unimpressive, or even meaningless. But combine them together and a masterpiece is created, or rather, the beauty of life, of this world, is seen as a masterpiece. Our perspective changes for the better.

Our happiness does not exist by waiting around for it, or for blessings to come. We have to go and get it. And that is done by small and simple things that, when woven together, bring tremendous blessings and happiness and joy and peace.

So, the 7 brushstrokes, or things within our control are:

1. Surround yourself with uplifting, positive people

2. Listen to good, nourishing music

3. Go outside

4. Get enough sleep

5. Talk to people face to face

6. Exercise and eat healthy

7. Pray and ponder

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