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July 22, 2020 - How does salt taste?

He is the Redeemer and Savior of the world. For me, there are no words in any language to truly describe the majesty, the power, the glory, or the love of the Son of God.

Elder Neil L. Andersen, "The Divine Gift of Forgiveness", Deseret Book 2019

Have you ever tried to describe what salt tastes like to someone who's never had salt before? You can't say it tastes salty because they have no frame of reference.

We who have had salt before only know what it tastes like because we've experienced it. And even then, it may taste completely different to someone else because our own perception is different. I may like the taste while you may not.

That is because our mortal, finite brains decipher and understand information differently. You may see something as blue while I see it as green.

So...we each view the mission, the ministry, the majesty, the miracle of the Savior differently. Even then, we don't have a complete view so we can't truly understand His role.

We know He died for us, sacrificed for us. We know He loves us unconditionally. But do we know to what extent? I mean, I love my family, and I would do anything for them. But do I love them with the same unconditional love Christ has for me? For each of us? Probably not. Our love is only finite. His is infinite. We can't possibly understand.

We know that without Him and His Atonement we cannot be saved. Do we truly understand what that means? I know, for me, His story that I read in the scriptures, that I hear in our meetings, or from the testimonies of others, even from my own testimony....I still only have a finite understanding of His divine role. I can try to explain it to others but there are not adequate ways to do so. I can't even understand it completely myself in order to explain it, and then to have the means to try and explain it. We won't in this life.

But our understanding does grow little by little, line upon line, as we know Him and hear Him.

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