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July 2, 2020 - We are still in His hand

It is my conviction that God does now look with favor, and has looked with favor, upon this government, which he established by wise men. It is also my firm conviction that his protective hand is still over the United States of America. I know, too, that if we will keep the commandments of God—live as he has directed, and does now direct, through his prophets—we will continue to have his protecting hand over us. But we must be true to the eternal verities, the great Christian virtues which God has revealed. Then, and only then, will we be safe as a nation and as individuals. God grant that the faithfulness of the Latter-day Saints will provide the balance of power to save this nation in times of crisis.

President Ezra Taft Benson, "This Nation Shall Endure", BYU Speeches, December 4, 1973

Even though President Benson said this some 40+ years ago, I believe it is very applicable now. Heavenly Father still holds this nation in the palm of His hand. He is still protecting it. It may not feel like He cares anymore, with all of the chaos going on, the violence, the absurdity, etc. He still gives man (and woman) their agency to act for themselves. But this is a choice, special land and country. He is guiding it.

This week, I'm thinking a lot about our country; where we are now, where we were, how we have changed, because of technical advances, especially, in a short amount of time.

Then I think, is it because man (and woman so to be PC - even though the word "man" does not mean gender in this sense, but species from the word "human" - maybe we should also say "huwoman"? 😁).... is it because humans have thus advanced technology because of our own wisdom and recognizance? In this short amount of time too? Or is it because God has given man (and woman) the wisdom and is hastening, or speeding things up?

Will things get even faster as God provides divine wisdom to man (and woman)? And more chaotic as agency runs more selfish? Most likely it will in both cases.

As President Benson states, if we live how we're supposed to, we will be protected. We may be caught in the middle of chaos, we may even get hurt or killed, but if we're living how we know to live, loving others as Christ would, we will be spiritually protected. And that's eternally more important than the here and now.

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