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July 16, 2020 - The plan

There is no treasure, nor any hobby, nor any status, nor any social media, nor any video games, nor any sport, nor any association with a celebrity, nor anything on earth that is more precious than eternal life. So the Lord’s counsel to every person is “consider your ways.”
Are we true followers of Him who gave His all for us? He who is our Redeemer and our Advocate with the Father? He who was Himself absolutely committed in His atoning sacrifice and is so now in His love, His mercy, and His desire for us to have eternal joy? I plead with all who hear and read these words: Please, please don’t put your total commitment off until you get around to it at some nonexistent, future time.

Elder Terence M. Vinson, "True Disciples of the Savior", General Conference, October 2019

As we go through life, there are discouragements, there are disappointments, there are frustrations, there are annoyances, and there are heartaches. They will affect us all. There is no escape.

Maybe where we are in life is not where we want to be. And how, pray tell, do we exactly know where it is that we want to be in the first place? Where is that feeling coming from?

In my humble opinion... we set goals, we had an idea, a vision...a plan, of what we wanted to accomplish here on earth. And...we took those ideas and plan to our Father. And He gave suggestions to that plan because He know us better than we know ourselves. We then modified our plan and goals. This probably went back and forth for a long time.

So, when we "feel" like we can do better, or when we feel lost, or even when we feel at peace, like everything is aligned....then I submit it is because of that plan we envisioned as pre-mortal spirits.

When we say that Heavenly Father has a plan for us, He does, but it is not a secret plan that only He knows. Granted, He is doing a majority of the work and maybe He alone knows how that plan will be executed, with all the nuances and the ultimate goal of eternal life, but I believe, for me, that I researched and put in the work, and together with my Father adding His suggestions, created a plan for me. We know that He wants us to figure out things for ourselves, so why would He be any different at that moment, with our individual plans?

Last thought....I believe that when we get these deja vu moments in life, it is because we saw our lives before we came here, and those moments are telling us to keep going... because of that plan in place that we developed with our Father, that is also ingrained in our spirits, and every so often, that plan reveals itself and seems "familiar".

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