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July 15, 2021 - Stand Firm

[Satan] says that evil is good and that standards have been relaxed. Go your way, he says; Fear no consequences; do your own thing; have fun; express your basest desires if you wish, and let yourselves go. That is his philosophy. Do we recognize it when it is flung at us by our angry foes, or when it comes with a soft voice and a disarming smile? Do we truly recognize evil when we see it?

Mark E. Peterson, "Where Do We Stand?", General Conference, April 1980

We definitely see this in our world today. We see that evil is being passed off as good, and good is evil. Does that just happen because circumstances aligned to allow it that way? Of course not. The influence of Satan is strong and getting stronger. Unfortunately, the people of this world are becoming less and less invested, allowing Satan to become stronger.

All the more reason that it is crucial that we, as disciples of Christ, become more and more righteous.

This world is going to get more and more evil. It's going to get more and more scary. It's going to get more and more ridiculous in terms common sense. we turn more and more to the Lord, follow Him, listen to His servants, we DO NOT need to be scared. We can be at peace in a scary, evil world.

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