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July 14, 2021 - Start today

The Lord chooses when we come to earth, and part of that is so we can help fulfill His purposes. We live in a time of great wickedness, turmoil, war, and tribulation. That is the time the Lord chose for us to come to earth.

Gerald Lund, "The Second Coming of the Lord", Deseret Book 2021

Every generation has their own challenges, their own struggles, their own temptations (well, same temptations, just different outlet). With the advancement of technology, the temptations that come our way seem difficult to bear. The struggles in society, i.e., the sense of entitlement, the political absurdity, the racial injustice, the gender identity, etc., seem difficult to wade through. Maybe this is harder than life in generations past, but I didn't live in those times so I can't be sure.

Point is, we were saved to come to earth now. For what reason, I don't know. But Heavenly Father knows all of our strengths and weaknesses and saved us for this exact time. He knew we could handle it, however difficult it becomes.

I can't help but scold myself for not being everything I needed to be. For not setting the example I could have....for myself, for my wife, for my children, for my now granddaughter, for my friends, for my neighbors, for my associates, for everyone who I have the privilege to meet. is another day. Today is another gift from Heavenly Father. Today, I can set that example that I need to set. Today, I can leave a legacy of good. Today, I can rise up and be (or strive to be) that person Heavenly Father knows I am.

I can start today. My past has passed. How I am today is what really matters.

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