July 12, 2021 - The battle rages on!

Then it hit me. That was it! This was the war that applied to me—not a war of swords and spears, but the eternal war for my soul and those of my family. Satan is waging an all-out war against truth and righteousness. His forces are everywhere, and we are involved in that war whether we like it or not. The danger is real, and the stakes are high. All around us we see the battle casualties, their lives ruined and their souls scarred. If we expect to avoid becoming casualties ourselves, we desperately need the Lord’s guidance—and there is no better place to find it than in the book of scripture prepared specifically for our day: The Book of Mormon!

Kathleen S. McConkie, "Defending against Evil", Ensign, January 1992

If the Book of Mormon was written specifically for our day, have you ever wondered why nearly one third of the book is about war? Do you think, out of all that Mormon could've compiled in the book, that the war chapters were especially important to him? Why?

Because we are, to this very day, in a war. It's not a physical battle of strength and strategem and skill. It is a spiritual war of truth vs deceit. It is a war between good and evil. It is a war for our very souls. It is very, very real.

Lucifer, who was a man of prominence, a man held in high regard, a man of a high position...lost that position of authority because of pride. Pride! And, because of his influence and following in the pre-existence, one third of billions and billions of souls followed him when he fell.

And those billions and billions that were expulsed are on this earth right now...unseen on the other side of the veil, working without taking a break, to get each of us to fall. They are trying to get us to NOT follow Christ and make it home.

And I believe that I personally knew some of those billions that were kicked out. I probably even had close friendships with some of them. And now those close friends are "assigned" to me, to try and bring me down. I believe that.

It makes this war that much more real!

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