January 7, 2022 - Believe

Limitation is nothing more than a mentality that too many good people practice daily until they believe it’s reality. It breaks my heart to see so many potentially powerful human beings stuck in a story about why they can’t be extraordinary, professionally and personally. You need to remember that your excuses are seducers, your fears are liars and your doubts are thieves.

Robin Sharma, "5am Club", Harper Collins

I focus too much on what I can no longer do, instead of focusing on what I can.

There is no limit to what I can do. There is only my believing that I can do anything and then me putting myself in a position to do anything. That position involves having Christ alongside me. He can absolutely do anything and everything, so I need Him by my side to do likewise.

And it all starts with my mentality. It's a fine line between working towards doing anything I set my mind to, while at the same time, having to be a realist about what I can actually do right now. I cannot go run a marathon, or even just run for that matter, right now. But I will be able to in the future if I work to get there, I have no doubt.

Most of that work includes strengthening my relationship with God and His Son.

I sincerely and truly believe that I can do anything I strive to do. My problem is finding the motivation to put in all the work necessary to do that anything. It's a lot of work, and very overwhelming, and that's my struggle.

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