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January 5, 2021 - Listen

We are always seeking, and because we are, the Father constantly pours down His witness. That ever-increasing witness strengthens our commitment, and the gates of hell surely will not prevail against those who continue through this constantly reinforcing cycle as it spirals us upward to the Father.

S. Michael Wilcox, "What Seek Ye?", Deseret Book 2020

This caught my attention, the fact that Heavenly Father is constantly sending His witness to us. Constantly. I picture Him standing at the door constantly knocking and imploring us to open it.

Sometimes we do open it but not always, at least in my case. Many times I don't hear the knocking, or worse, ignore the knocking altogether.

Apply that analogy to what Heavenly Father is actually and legitimately doing... He is sending His witness to us nonstop. He is talking to us nonstop, imploring us to listen. I don't know how He does it but He is doing it. He wants us to Hear Him.

Every time we receive His witness, every time we open the proverbial door, even if we are too weak and can just open it slightly, we get stronger. Then, next time, we open the door a bit more...and we get stronger. And so on. Pretty soon, that heavy door is light and we have sufficient strength to open it completely.

So, just hitting our knees shows Him we are trying. Just going to our church meetings shows Him we are trying. Just opening the Book of Mormon shows Him we are trying. Just turning our thoughts to Him shows Him we are trying.

Pretty soon, these things are sustenance to us and to our spirits, like food and water to our bodies, that we can't live without doing them constantly. Pretty soon, we are drinking our 8-12 cups of eternal water every day so that we hear His voice in our lives, guiding us, protecting us.

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