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January 4, 2021 - A New Normal

We live in a glorious age, foreseen by prophets for centuries. This is the dispensation when no spiritual blessing will be withheld from the righteous. Despite the world’s commotion, the Lord would have us look forward to the future “with joyful anticipation.” Let us not spin our wheels in the memories of yesterday. The gathering of Israel moves forward. The Lord Jesus Christ directs the affairs of His Church, and it will achieve its divine objectives.

President Russell M. Nelson, "A New Normal", General Conference, October 2020

We are at a point in today's world where nothing will ever be like it was. We are indeed living "a new normal" now in society.

So why not incorporate more good into our own lives and make that part of our new normal too? Why not study the scriptures a bit more, pray a bit more focused, serve others a bit more, keep the commandments with a bit more determination?

I've said it many times throughout these thoughts....we know who is going to win this war. There is no questioning that. All we have to do is be on the right side. My desire and plan for this year is to look a bit more towards Christ.

It's extremely easy to let our guard down and relax. When we're not constantly using our strength to keep the door shut, Satan will open it and jam his foot in. So, let's not relax in pushing against that door.

This is a long, hard, strenuous road but, at the end of it is an eternity of happiness and joy. Think about that....think of a time you were at peace and very happy, where nothing could take that away. Then think about that moment times a gazillion and then think of that moment as never ending. That is what awaits us, if we put in the work now. That is what's in store if we sweat a little now. That will be our "eternal normal" if we make a slight course adjustment towards Christ and to a new normal right now.

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