January 29, 2022 - Read to Hear

The Book of Mormon prophets knew that their words would whisper forth as a voice from the dust and would stand as a witness of Christ and his gospel for all generations. They knew and understood and rejoiced in Isaiah's words. Let us—also knowing and understanding and rejoicing in the words of Israel's ancient seer—sample the words of Nephi, the first prophetic Book of Mormon writer, and of Moroni, the last, so that we too, if properly guided by the Spirit, may also believe as they believed and eventually be saved with them.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie, "A New Witness for the Articles of Faith"

Sometimes I don't use the power of the Book of Mormon like I need to. I tend to just go through the motions. I don't look for the words that God and Christ are trying to speak to me. I don't listen to hear Them. I just read to fulfill some goal of consistent reading to finish the book....again.

Granted, it is better to read the Book of Mormon than not to even pick it up. But, it is even greater if I read it to listen. When I pick up the Book of Mormon to read it, I need to read it not just with my mind but also with my heart.

It's simple....if I want to saved, then I need to believe as the prophets of old did. I can't afford to just go through the motions....they didn't. So I shouldn't either.

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