January 28, 2020 – Family is the source of good people

“The need for civility in society has never been more important. The foundation of kindness and civility begins in our homes. It is not surprising that our public discourse has declined in equal measure with the breakdown of the family. The family is the foundation for love and for maintaining spirituality. The family promotes an atmosphere where religious observance can flourish. There is indeed ‘beauty all around when there’s love at home.'”

  1. Elder Quentin L. Cook, “Can Ye Feel So Now”, General Conference, October 2012

Indecency and lack general manners in society is decreasing rapidly. There is a direct correlation between love in the home and civility in society. Genuinely good people are that way because they have genuinely good parents that teach them, mainly by example. Thankfully, there are still a lot of good people.

Lori and I have been so blessed with three wonderful, hard working, smart, talented, strong willed, genuinely good kids who are making good decisions in life. I pray everyday that they will continue to make good decisions and be examples of goodness and light to those around them. For the record, our kids take after their mom mostly. She is a genuinely good person. Everyone is drawn to her goodness.

The only way to fix society is to fix the family, fix the home. That possibility continues to decline, although efforts continue to change the lives for the better of a small percentage. Therefore, the only way to survive this degredation of society is to center our homes in Christ. Keep being an example of goodness and decency despite the incivility around us. Fortunately, decency outweighs the lack of civility still but we will get to a point that that ratio will do a 180.


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