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January 26, 2020 – Learning for ourselves

“If we wish to be taught, to receive, and understand, we must train ourselves.”

  1. President Brigham Young, Discourses of Brigham Young

The mind is a wonderful, completely misunderstood tool. I love this quote by President Young. We can learn from others, others can teach us, but we are the only ones, ourselves, that are in charge of what we will or will not learn. Nobody can force knowledge upon us. That, alone, means knowledge is a good thing. You ever wonder why nobody can force positivity upon you, in anything. They can, however, force evil upon you. Goes back to free agency. The Lord will never force you to do good, but the adversary always tries to force you to do bad.

It is our responsibility alone to learn, gain knowledge and wisdom. Many things try to stop us from doing that, from lack of time, to too tired, to even short term memory issues and learning disabilities. It’s difficult to find motivation sometimes. The ‘why’ is always harder than the ‘how’. We all need to find our why.

Only one person can help us find our why. If we focus on Him, our why will be impressed on us.


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