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January 24, 2022 - Help

Of course, we all have some habits or flaws or personal history that could keep us from complete spiritual immersion in this work. But God is our Father and is exceptionally good at forgiving and forgetting sins we have forsaken, perhaps because we give Him so much practice in doing so. In any case, there is divine help for every one of us at any hour we feel to make a change in our behavior.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "The Greatest Possession", General Conference, October 2021

We all need to improve towards perfection. I, especially, can change and be better. This quote is very comforting to me.

At the very hour, the very moment, that I decide to be better, I will receive help. Help will not come after I've shown my resolution, or have shown my seriousness in changing, or after I've proven to Him my sincerity. soon as I try to be better. Yea, the very instant I decide to try, He will help me. He will give me the support, the strength, and the tools needed.

I am so extremely grateful for that. Because I do want to be better, but I am human, I am mortal. I need help. I need divine help. And.... I shall have it.

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