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January 24, 2020 – Angels unknown to us

“Most of us will never be protected by an angel in a lions’ den, nor will the majority of us be privileged to see horses and chariots of fire. But we should bear in mind that angelic communications are not reserved for those who lived during the ancient periods of the Old Testament or the Book of Mormon, nor are such communications reserved only for prophets, apostles, or notable women such as Hagar or Mary the mother of Jesus.”

  1. Elder Donald W. Parry, “Angels, Chariots, and the Lord of Hosts”, BYU Speeches, July 2012

The ministration of angels happens constantly in today’s world. We just don’t know about it. Only a small percentage of them do we know about. And only in accordance with the will of Heavenly Father.

You ever been going through your daily activities in life and realize that you were able to do something that you normally couldn’t do alone? Even if it’s seemingly minute or meaningless? Maybe it was an answer to prayers, maybe it was an answer to a prayer of the heart.

For example, let’s say you lose something and look everywhere for it. After a plea from the heart, it just shows up in plain sight.

Another example a bit more meaningful…when my best friend, Ben, passed, and at his funeral and burial, it was raining outside and very muddy. Well I have issues walking on a straight and level surface as it is. Now, I was going to carry a casket across a muddy, slippery, rocky surface from the herse to the burial plot. I knew it was going to be difficult. I was actually stressing over it (it is interesting to worry about things I used to take for granted, like walking). I said a quick prayer for help doing this. When the time came, it felt as if I was normal again, no issues walking through the mud, I had strength to walk and carry the casket. I knew right then that I didn’t do it alone. In fact, I believe that Ben was helping me carry his own physical, mortal body to it’s place of rest. After the service, I couldn’t walk without assistance from an old friend, due to the mud and unevenness. You tell me that Heavenly Father isn’t aware.

There are infinitely more of Heavenly Father’s spirit children on the other side of the veil than there are on this side. We are literally surrounded by angels. They cheer us on. They sorrow when we sorrow. They comfort us in times of need. And they step in to help when required. And, at times, we feel or hear them, even see them. My blessing says that I will entertain angels unknown to me. Maybe I make them laugh by the silly things I do, but I believe “entertain” means more than meaningless amusement. It means to hold the attention of.

We hold their attention, meaning they are focused on us. That is their calling.


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