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January 23, 2021 - He is the Light

Lately it’s felt so dark in the world. So many of us feel alone, in the shadows, socially distanced for so long now that six feet feels like 600 miles, and even in areas when the pandemic has quieted, the world still sometimes feels like a hostile place.
But my faith tells me the light will come. And if we’ll hang close to every little bit, even in our darkest hours, there’s so much more that awaits.

Jason Wright, "Drawing Close to the Light", Church of Jesus Christ website, January 22, 2021

So, so many people that suffer from MS, suffer, as one of their symptoms, a complete loss or near complete loss of vision. Not much in this life really, really terrifies me, but the possibility of me losing my sight absolutely does. I already have some issue with my optic nerve, so losing my sight is a definite possibilty.

So, when I find myself in complete darkness and I have to feel out in front of me for direction, I think of how that would be if I actually was blind.

Then, I see a light, and, instantly, I feel comforted. I feel secure. I feel safe. It's so amazing to me how much we take for granted, at least I do, the ability to see things...see anything. Light illuminates everything. Light is an everyday thing to me that I don't even pay attention that it's there. The mere fact that I see anything means light is present. It is part of everything I do, even sometimes sleep. 🙄

As I ponder this, I think of my spiritual sight. And how it would be if I was spiritually blind and all I could see is darkness. And, then, how much even a flicker of light would mean to me. That flicker would instantly make me feel comforted. It would make me feel secure. It would make me feel safe.

"I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness."- John 8:12

Just as light is an everyday occurrence in physical life, it can also be that way in our spiritual lives. Though, it may be weak now, it will grow brighter and brighter as we work to strengthen it. The light of Christ is so brilliant and penetrating, that we know not how brilliant. Our light will eventually be that way too, but, for now, Christ illuminates our path. We see anything because He is the light.

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