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January 22, 2022 - Trust Him

Sometimes when hard things happen, we wonder if we can trust anyone, including God. We fear He may disappoint us too. The good news is that God loves us perfectly. He is kind and generous and honest. He is unchanging and reliable. And because of that, we can trust in Him no matter what.

Young Men's and Young Women's General Presidencies, "Trust in the Lord", For The Strength of Youth, January 2022

Looking back on my life, I can see how God was guiding me. Even at times when I wasn't particularly close to Him. But....He was still close to me. His love is perfect. It isn't petty or selfish. He isn't only close to me when I choose to be close to Him. So, even if we want to have nothing to do with Him...He is STILL there.

I am sooooo grateful that He was guiding me to do things in preparation for something I had no idea was coming, or at least something that was going to impact me and my family so much. Without Him, I never would've taken this job 10 years ago when I had a perfectly good job at the time. But...if I had stayed, I probably wouldn't be working now given the fact that I'm limited in function.

Without Him, I never would've enrolled in and started paying for "long term disability" insurance when I was feeling perfectly normal 10 years ago. "Why would I waste money on that?", I could've been thinking. Now....I have that to fall back on should I need it. And, I most likely will need that in the near future. Hopefully, "near" isn't so close though.

Bottom line is to make the decisions when you feel like you need to. Pray and fast about them. Although we can't see the "why" now, He can. He has a reason for us to do things. So trust Him.

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