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January 22, 2021 - Watch Your Step

Filling our heart and even our soul with the word of God and the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ is crucial to drawing upon the power of God to help us in these challenging times. Without getting the word of God and faith in Jesus Christ deep into our hearts, our testimonies and faith may fail, and we may lose access to the power God wants to give us. Superficial faith is insufficient. Only faith and the word of God that fill our inner soul are sufficient to sustain us—and to allow us to access His power.

Kelly R. Johnson, "Enduring Power", General Conference, October 2020

I'm reminded of that talk by Sister Craven called "Careful vs Casual" when I read this. Just casually filling our moments, our lives, our heads with the word of God is insufficient. That will not sustain us. That will not get us through the hard, difficult times.

I'm guilty of this for sure. There are many times I fulfill my responsibilities to read scriptures or pray because I know I should, but I do it casually to fulfill some obligation or goal. But that will not sustain me. That will not draw on the powers of heaven. I will not survive spiritually.

Granted, it is far better to read scriptures and pray than to not do that. But this will not fill our hearts and our souls. This is not "feasting on the words of Christ". More like snacking.

We need to take it a step further and be careful and intentional in our study and in our prayers. I need to be more intentional. Our hearts, my heart, need to be engaged completely, not just our lips, so to speak. Otherwise, we fall into Satan's trap and our faith will fail.

Heavenly Father knows what's on the inside. He knows our desires and intents. We can fool our neighbor by how we appear on the outside, but the Lord looks on the heart.

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