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January 22, 2020 – Share the light

“The light of the gospel illuminates the path of life to eternity that otherwise would be dark and nondirecting.

We can be like a mirror and direct light even into dark places. We are not the sources of light; nevertheless, through us light can be reflected to others.”

  1. Elder Ted E. Brewerton, “Light”, General Conference, October 1991

We are extremely blessed to be born into the gospel. We have the truth. We are, for the most part, happy. Because of that happiness, we want others to have it too.

Just as we want to share a good place to eat, or outstanding entertainment, or give advice that might help someone, we have a responsibility to share the gospel with those with whom we associate. It’s not easy. There are many trepidations and what-ifs in doing so. All we need is to open our mouths.

I work with a guy who will not hold back at all when questions arise about the church or gospel. He treats it just like a movie he watched over the weekend or an awesome lunch he ate. Point is, he treats sharing the gospel as a normal part of just living. A matter-of-fact attitude. No hesitation, no doubt. I have learned from his example.

Funny thing is, we wouldn’t think twice about recommending to someone what to buy, where to eat, etc. Why are we apprehensive about sharing the gospel? It is far more important than food. It is the spiritual food that makes one happy, despite tragedies and sorrows. Others need it far more than where to get those shoes or that root beer.

Some of us dedicate up to two years doing nothing but sharing the happiness that comes from the gospel with others. My son and my nephew are doing just that right now. Others of us who can’t leave for two years right now, share the gospel as opportunities arise throughout our daily lives. Let’s start praying and looking for those opportunities.


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