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January 21, 2022 - Hold On

So, when you are being hammered on the anvil of adversity, when your soul is being refined with severe lessons that perhaps cannot be learned in any other way, don’t cut and run. Don’t jump ship. Don’t shake your fist at your bishop or your mission president or God. Please stay with the only help and strength that can aid you in that painful time. When you stumble in the race of life, don’t crawl away from the very Physician who is unfailingly there to treat your injuries, lift you to your feet, and help you finish the course.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "A Saint Through the Atonement of Christ the Lord", BYU Speeches, January 18, 2022

This is a good talk. Listen to it or read it.

As we go through trials, we often think that it couldn't get any worse. But then a more difficult one comes our way and the previous one looks to be easier by comparison. Then another comes. And sometimes more than one at the same time.

Point is, God allows trials to hit us so that we learn to handle them. We get stronger, whether we perceive it or not. Trials prepare us for the next one. As Elder Holland states, all trials go through Gethsemane. They are hard and sometimes so severe that we can't breathe.

Fortunately, we have the Breath of Life. We have Jesus Christ. He knows what we are going through because He went through it too. The exact same thing we are passing now. And remember, He asked why He was being forsaken. Sometimes, we feel alone too. We are not....ever.

Just imagine the stories we will tell each other in eternity about what we passed through while here on earth. When we look back on this time here, it will be a fond memory, but we will also see how small our trials were in fact, and sometimes even how silly we acted or reacted, this in comparison to things eternal. That's because of how much we grew because of them.

But they are NOT so small now when we are in the midst of them. Hold on. Rely on Christ. They will pass.

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